Out of the BOX


Dear Benevolent Friends, relatives, partners, supporters, well wishers…


we all wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New year 2016.

I was occupied in Christmas Village Service.


yours sincerely in Jesus Christ

Father Vinod







My Charity family

Dear Friends, Benevolent well wishers, July 10th, 2004 is a very sad day for me. why because on this day my Father Shri Etukulapati Lourdiah has died. It’s a moment of heart beat stopping. pain,sorrow, tears in my eyes. From that moment the self encouragement started. I am posting some pictures and the activities of charity. less talk, let us trust in Pictures where love is involved.

Gathered together for Charity

Gathered together for Charity

Gathered together for Charity

Gathered together for Charity

Gold is Gold

Viewing gold from far, near, close is really a fascinating habit for me. It is more fascinating when a simple person  not viewing even after a close range to view. On “Akshaya truthiya”  day in Vishakapatnam (Vizag) where in the cost of the 12grams of gold is Rupees 32,750. More than this simple human person the Gold is Gold. The essence  of real simple human Indian lies in Gold not in person.Image

Paperboys (Studies abandoned)

” My day breaks at 5:15am and I collect the local telugu newspaper “eenadu” (www.eenadu.net) and circulate whole of Vangara locality in one hour.” I swiftly go ahead and join in my classroom and gain some textbook knowledge for my academic performance and to promote myself to next level class next year. Simple words of these paper boys AppalaSwamy class 8th, discontinued from studies and Krishna 5th class now studying at once stuck me. BVMO comes forward to make these children dreams true. Would you like to join my friends worldwide to make these like children in this locality, a simple dream come true. Why BVMO embraces these “paperboys”.? Answer: Paperboys are semi Orphans, father left and married another woman for she gave more dowry in return
Father Vinod